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Peloponnese is one of the most historic wine regions of Greece. Spread throughout hillsides, plains and plateaus, the vineyards of the Peloponnese are known for their diversity and complexity.

In the high altitudes of Mantinia, the noble Moschofilero grape is cultivated producing the PDO wines, Mantinia.

The continental climate together with the poor, but well drained soil also leads to the production of some exciting aromatic white wines.

The grapes ripen slowly reaching perfect maturation, fully developing the distinctive flavors and aromas. Harvest usually takes place in the beginning of October. Grapes are handpicked and transported in small baskets.

P.G.I. Peloponnese (Peloponnesus)
Dry White

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Dry White Wine

Moschofilero from Mantinia and Sauvignon Blanc

P.G.I. Peloponnese (Peloponnesus)

Vol. 12%


A fine blend of two highly aromatic varieties from Peloponnesian vineyards, the elegant Moschofilero with intense aromas of rose and lemon blossom and the popular Sauvignon Blanc with citrus and exotic fruits in the foreground.

Light yellow-green color with grey highlights. Intense and ripe on the nose with distinctive aromas of lemon, melon and rose petals. Dry on the palate, well balanced with vibrant acidity, medium body and full of minerality.

Serving Suggestions

It ideally accompanies fish, shellfish, seafood pasta, sushi, poultry and white meat dishes.

Enjoy at 8-10 °C

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