Pure Drops Organic Thyme

The best honey in Greece comes from Thyme (Thimari in Greek), by far the best honey in the world and a favorite among honey connoisseurs.
A product of the richly biodiverse Greek nature, it is a delight for the palate, but also a superfood with unique health benefits. Its distinctive aroma, amber color, delicate texture, and sweet taste provide well-being and enjoyment. With a high thyme pollen count and precious ingredients such as polyphenols and phenolic acids, it has demonstrated antioxidant and healing effects, and it provides a boost to the immune system. We guarantee our honey that meets the highest standards of sustainable and environmentally friendly processes.

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PURE DROPS® Organic Thyme by forest honey and thyme, collected by bees in early summer, when thyme blooming along with other wildflowers of the season.
The mix gives the honey an intense aroma, bright yellow-orange colour with reddish hues and mellow and sugary flavour that characterizes it and stays for long in the mouth. Produced under difficult conditions. It comes in a small quantity of production but it’s the elite of honey


  • Region of Production: Peloponnese, Greece
  • Collect: Early summer
  • Color: Bright yellow-orange color with reddish hues
  • Category: Superfood
  • Available: 250gr


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