Pure Drops Kalamon Olives

Kalamon olives has its name from the Kalamata area in which it grows and is one of the most important varieties of Greek production, as more than 60,000 tons are produced annually. It can be found in black and blonde color, has a characteristic pointed almond shape.
It is harvested from November to December, when it ripens and turns black

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PURE DROPS® Kalamon whole olives with their brownish-black colour and their characteristic “almond” shape have a unique and splendid taste from all other olive varieties of the world.
Kalamon olives grow only in specific regions of Greece, in limited quantity, so they are
considered a very special product.
Can be served with salads, spaghetti and fish.


  • Region of Production: Peloponnese, Western-Central Greece
  • Shape: Curved, almond-shaped
  • Size: Super-Colossal to Small
  • Shelf-life (minimum): 18 months from the production date
  • Available: 180gr or 215gr


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