Pure Drops (Chalkidiki) Olives

Chalkidiki variety grows in the areas of Chalkidiki and Kavala, has a cylindrical shape and is a basic variety in Greek production, with annual production exceeding 110,000 tons of olives.
It is picked by hand from the trees while it is still green, from mid-September to November

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PURE DROPS® Green Chalkidikis whole olives have large-sized, with a conical-cylindrical shape ending in a nub. Their size means they can be presented in many ways, including stuffed with complementary foods. They have greenish-brown skin, firm, juicy flesh and an earthy, briny
Can be served with beer or wine and excel not just on the antipasto tray but alongside
sandwiches and roasted meats.


  • Region of Production: Northern Greece in the areas of Chalkidiki, Kavala & central Greece
  • Shape: Conical, cylindrical
  • Size: Atlas to Brilliant
  • Shelf-life (minimum): 18 months from production date
  • Available: 180gr or 215gr


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