2019 New Harvest – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2019 New Harvest – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It’s the most wonderful season: the harvest season!

We’re in Peloponnese right now, helping the mill to press the olives into fresh, fragrant extra-virgin olive oil, the gold liquid of Greece.

The harvest happens only once a year – right about now. When it comes to age, olive oil is more like juice than wine: fresh is best…by far.

Time is an enemy of olive oil, causing it to slowly but surely oxidize and degrade.

Our olives are pressed within eight hours of being handpicked to ensure maximum freshness and unique quality.

We’re so excited of the taste and aromas, so you can count on impressive olive oil of the harvest year 2019.

We’re proud to offer olive oil whose quality and integrity you can trust.

By working hand-in-hand with master farmers and craftsmen and remaining true to the ethos of small-batch, artisanal production, we offer some of the purest extra virgin olive oils of Peloponnese.

We guarantee the most authentic taste of Greece in each bottle of PURE DROPS


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